The profession of technical writer

A technical writer is a specialist who compiles documentation through the development of various programs and automated systems, research and development, and other technical tasks. The documents are those for specialists, user maintenance manuals, and many others. A technical writer, able to compose them competently and in a language understandable for the end user, is always in demand.


Technical writers are needed in companies that develop software and hardware, consumer electrical engineering and electronics, robotics, aerospace, chemical and other knowledge-intensive products.


Responsibilities of a technical writer

The duties of a technical writer largely depend on what the employer does. The main responsibilities include:

Develop technical documentation (user and administrator manuals, operating rules, TU, TK, technical passports and other documents) in accordance with GOST requirements and other standards.
Check and adjust technical documentation, keep it up to date.
Prepare graphic diagrams according to the specified parameters.
Analyzing and testing new software products.
Collect information from all participants: customers, developers, designers, testers and managers.
Also, the position of technical writer may include additional features:

Prepare technical presentation materials.
Learning how to work in new software products and support users.
Participation in the implementation of software products.
Documentation in English.

Requirements for a technical writer

The basic requirements for a technical writer:
Skills in creating technical documentation.
The ability to read technical documentation.
The ability to analyze the work of software products.
Knowledge of regulatory documents (GOSTs, ISOs) and other standards of technical and design documentation.
Literate oral and written speech.
Knowledge of office software.
Higher education.
Also, the profession of a technical writer requires experience in public speaking and knowledge of spoken and written English (rarely other foreign) language.


How to become a technical writer

Ideally, a technical writer is a humanitarian with a higher technical education. Taking into account that there is no such specialty in educational institutions in Russia, a graduate of the relevant universities, who knows how to work with large amounts of information and competently expresses his thoughts orally and on paper, can become a technical writer.


Technical writer's salary

The salary of a technical writer depends on the duties and the sphere in which the company operates, and ranges from 30 to 90 thousand rubles per month. Sometimes premiums are possible. The average salary of a technical writer is 60,000 rubles a month.

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